May 4, 2012

Why you shouldn't buy Galaxy S3 | Cons of Galaxy S3

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Why you shouldn't buy Samsung Galaxy S3 - Pros & Cons

Samsung has unveiled all new Samsung Galaxy S3 & web is full of article calling it Best phone ever. Galaxy S3 certainly has got some spark in it & that's why it has broken the record of the iphone 4S in terms pre-booking. Galaxy S3 is a real gem with its outstanding Features like S-Voice, S beam, smart stay, smart alert.

Comparing with its ancestor Galaxy S2, S3 has great new features which differentiates it from other ICS phones but they are some points which may go against it. Let's have a look at some of the factors.

For those who Love Galaxy S3, Yes it is better than iPhone 4s in terms of every aspect. Check why S3 is better than iPhone 4s ?  But it has some flaws to which needs to be highlighted.

Why you shouldn't buy Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Design: Too Curvy ?

I Admired the S2's look because it wasn't so unnecessarily curvy , S2  was made of shiny dark plastic, and the back was chromed with the camera placed in a cool square slot. The S3 has round corners which make it look very curvy.
For those who love square shaped black pieces, S3 is a disappointment.But for some of us,S3 is curvy design is reason to admire this phone.

Galaxy S3 Display Dilemma

Lot of tech guru have criticized samsung's Galaxy S3's display for its same old super AMOLED display with Pentil layout. iPhone 4s uses RGB layout in its display. Samsung claims that Pentil has been used as it sucks less power, looks great & it has durability and longevity.

But pentil Shows tinted pictures when compared to iPhone 4S Pictures.

Galaxy S3's Size

read my article: Galaxy S3 is not for humans with tiny fingers.

As per the Survey conducted by Cult of Mac,Ideal size of the mobile phone is around 4.3 inch. It is a most convenient size for mobile users to carry & use mobile on the go. New Samsung galaxy S3 has 4.8 inches screen which can be uncomfortable for many of us.

Galaxy Note with its 5.3 inch display is another phone which is mini tablet & difficult to fit our pocket.

Camera: S3 is still behind

When other phones like Xperia S are already coming with 12MP camera, S3 is still with just 8MP camera. There is no up-gradation From galaxy S2's camera. front camera is quite nice with its 1.9MP primary shooter.
Even Nokia coming up with  41MP shooter, Nokia N808 Pureview; Samsung need to think about a complete camera phone which will attract people who love to carry camera & Phone together.

Look & feel: Not very great

iPhone, HTC, Nokia are known for its great build quality but Samsung has always been criticized for its poor built quality. For a change, S3's built quality is great & drop Test between S3 & iPhone proves it.

But Blue colored S3 looks like piece of plastic. There are only 2 color choices: white & blue. Black could have been a best color for samsung galaxy S3.

Price: Too Overpriced

This phone is overpriced. $780 introductory price is almost touching iPhone 4S's price & in order to get the buyers, Galaxy S3 needs slash its prices if they really want to stand against the apple iPhone 4S.
Update: Samsung has reduced S3's price & is cheaper than 10% of its introductory price. Good move by Samsung against apple.


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