Jul 3, 2012

Compare Jellybean vs ICS Android OS - Why Jellybean is better Than ICS

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Jellybean vs ICS : Why Jellybean is better Than ICS

We are comparing android 4.1 Jellybean & android v 4.0 which is Ice Cream Sandwich also known as ICS. Jellybean is much faster, much smarter & probably something which can change the face of android phones & tablets.
Compare Jellybean vs ICS androi 4.0
Android has been criticize a lot for its lag. Many tech gurus claimed that android lacks in terms of smooth touch & responsiveness. ICS was indeed created in order to remove all these flaws. But Jellybean is complete package which deserves applause & it has to be one next big things.

Project Butter

It is a codename of project to improve touch of android devices & Jellybean is super smooth & fastest android os yet. They have used several new techniques to make screen very responsive. The video showing difference between Jellybean's & ICS's  touch responsiveness confirms it.

Expandable Notifications

I personally loved Window's home layout & Jellybean features similar layout with expandable notifications. Notifications are larger & informative.

Re sizable Application Widgets

Apps change their size depending screen / home screen. We can either set it maually as per our usage & comfort.In previous android versions, we had to either delete it moving to some new location.

Google & Google & more Google

Google search is integrated in every small feature of Jellybean: Android 4.1.Google now which will coming with Jellybean to keep your search history of url,calender,searches to give you better search results. Voice search was not that successful in Gingerbread & ICS but looks better in Jellybean.

New Camera App

It comes with preloaded app which manages all your camera to manage your recent pictures. You can swipe to have a better look at pics taken.

Beam Features

In Jellybean Android 4.1, Android makes it very easy to share pictures, videos, files on the go.Beam was introduced in Samsung Galaxy S3 & it is better than NFC.


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