Oct 3, 2013

Take Screen Shot on HTC One X/XL - Print screen For HTC One X /XL

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Taking screen shot on your HTC One X/ XL -

How to Take Screen Shot on HTC One X /XL

Taking a screen shot on your computer is very common & easy but sometimes you may wan't to capture a screenshot of your phone: for ex. the HTC One X . HTC One X is one of the best android phones which were launched in year 2012 & another rival of legendary Samsung galaxy S3.

Want to capture & share screen shot of high score or it can be your facebook status. Have any interesting thing  to share ? Screen shots is great share things for others to convey information.

Take a Screen shot on HTC One X / XL

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Capture Screen shot on HTC One X / XL

There are 2 ways to take screen shots, first way is to use any of the free app available on android market.

1. Use and android APP
2. Use default settings

HTC One X now  comes with ICS: Ice Cream Sandwich which features default print screen feature.

Steps to take Screen Shot of HTC One X / XL

1. Press the power button.

2. Now immediately press the home button which is a center key .

3. Image will be stored in default image folder.


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