Sep 1, 2012

What is Non-ECR Category in online PASSPORT application

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What is Non-ECR Category in online PASSPORT application

If you  are applying for passport in india, you will have to fill a field 'a non-ECR'. The Passport form asks you to choose either ECR or non ECR categories. For most of us, Non ECR seems new and confusing term so lets understand what it actually it non-ECR means.
Most of us belong to non-ecr category. Let me make it very simple for you. If you are reading this article then your are likely to be a  NON-ECR candidate. One of the basic eligibility criteria is completing your 10th standard which everyone does nowadays. You will just have to add  document in your list while visiting PSK- Passport Seva kendra.

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what is non-ECR in passport application form

You are eligible for non ECR category if

1.  You are having educational qualifications of matriculation and above

2.  Your Age is more than 50

3. Your age is less than 18

4. You are an Income tax payer

5. Your are professional Degree holder. For ex.Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Lecturers, Teachers, Scientists, Advocates etc.

For information you can search for the documents required in document adviser of passport India site.


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