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Basic Grooming Essentials to Take Care of Your Horse

Horse grooming is an important part in owning a horse. Grooming includes all the hygienic and safe care that is given to your horse. These practices ensure the safety, comfort and good health of your horse. In order to do your horse grooming right, there are few equipment that needs to be there in your grooming kit. Take a look at the following list to what are the essential equipment and tools that you need for grooming your horse.

Combs and Brushes

Combs and brushes are there to make sure your horse has a coat that is clean and sleek. They are used to brush the horse’s coat to get rid of all the dirt and insects that accumulates on the coat. Different types of combs hand brushes have different uses.

A curry comb will brush the coat and get rid of loose hair, dead skin cells, dirt and mud, and even insect lava that are collected on the coat. A stiff body bush can be used to remove any debris on the coat. There are softer brushes such as face brush that you can use to clean the face and other sensitive areas. Finally, to achieve a glossy, sleek coat, you can use a finishing brush over the coat.

Mane and Tail Combs

There are separate combs that you can use to clean and clear out the horse’s mane and tail. Just like the combs and brushes that clean out the coat, these combs clear the mane and the tail of a horse. They are also used to ensure that the tail and the mane hairs are not tangled. There are also mane thinning knives and pulling combs that you can use if you wish to keep your horse’s mane thinner and shortened. A thinned mane is easier to maintain and clean.

Horse Blankets

Horse blankets are used to cover your horse to keep it clean. Blanketing your horse after grooming is a good way to ensure that your hard work in grooming is protected. However, sheets or blankets are also used to protect your horse or keep it comfortable. For example, a good stable sheet will add extra warmth to your horse when it is in stable.

Something like a wool horse rug can be used as a breathable cover that gives additional warmth and comfort. There are also rugs that come in different thicknesses that can used to protect your horse depending on the temperature of the area it lives.

Horse shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to bathing your horse, you can use either human or horse shampoo. However, horse shampoo is always the better option because it is made specifically for horses to ensure that the coat of your horse is clean and healthy. After brushing, a bath with these products can ensure that your horse’s coat, tale and mane are free of tangles and dirt.

Add these items to your grooming kit to ensure that your horse is taken care of in the right way!


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