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Things to Do Before You Have Guests Staying Over

If you are going to be having a guest over then here are a few things you need to do:

Organize Their Room

This is first thing that should pop in your head when you think about having a stay over guest. It is important to make sure that the guest is comfortable so it is advisable to give them their own room. If you don’t have a separate guest room then you could ask your kids to join you till the guests stay so they can have the whole room for themselves. However, if you already have an extra room for the guests then start prepping for it at least one week before their arrival. For instance if you have a lot of store items in your guest room then it is time to take them out and only keep the things the guests will need. You should also make some space in the cupboard so they could keep all their clothes in. Make sure you do a thorough cleaning and put on some fresh bed sheets because you wouldn’t want them to get allergies due to unclean sheets. Apart from this you also need to do a thorough cleaning of your house, if you are working full time then making time for this can be difficult. In this case you could hire a maid who will help you with the housework, this can be expensive but will reduce the workload to a great extent. You could also ask the maid to come over when the guests are around so you wouldn’t have to do all the housework all by yourself.

Prepare For the Unexpected

Having an extra outsider member at your house means that you will have to cook extra special food which can be expensive. You will also have to keep your fridge well stocked so the guests will have something to munch on when that late night hunger strikes in. Moreover, if you happen to be a close relative of this guest then you will have to take them out for dinner, shopping or simply show them your city. All this can be an added expense which could get you into cash shortage if your payday is not anytime soon. In such a case you could get cash loans. This is an online service which will give you easy access to finance. So whenever you have a cash shortage you know where to go to.

Make Time for Everyone

If people choose to come over to your place over a hotel it means that they truly love you and want to spend some time with you. So you too should try your best to go out of your way and spend some time with them despite your work schedules. During their stay you could ask your office for a half day and work overtime when they leave. Make sure you show them your city and country and take them to some of the best restaurants you know.

Lastly, having someone live with you can be difficult but have the patience and learn to love their company!


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