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Tips on Decorating For Your Dream Wedding

Weddings can be costly, especially if you plan on having multiple functions/parties and want to invite a lot of people. Here are a few ways you can decorate for your wedding:

Figure Out Your Budget

As mentioned above, weddings are expensive so you need to first figure out how much you can spend on it. Once you do that, you need to divide the amount for different things, for example, your budget for the outfit, food, and decoration. If your budget is big then you can hire wedding planners who would help you decorate it and you could always give your ideas. However, these days one doesn’t have to spend much on wedding planners. For example, you could look for ideas online and ask your friends and family to help you do it.

Keep Everything Organized

It takes a lot of planning to organize such functions so you need to start with it at least a month or two before your wedding date. Make sure you have got your guest list sorted out so based on that you could order the number of chairs that will be needed and also arrange the food.  Food plays a huge role, and many people attend weddings just so that they can have something fancy for dinner. If you plan on having multiple functions/parties then have a different menu for each of them. For example, you could opt for Chinese one day and Indian another day. On the day of the wedding you could give cupcakes as a thank you gift and you could put it in a beautiful cake box. You could also try different dining methods, for example, you could have a buffet arrangement on the day of the wedding and for the reception, you could have a set menu. Keep in mind that arranging all of this requires a lot of time so it is best if you start planning on it as soon as possible to avoid any last moment rush.

You Can Keep It Low Budget Too

Some people don’t like to spend much on decoration, instead, they use that money to buy a better wedding dress or focus on a better menu with a lot of variety. In this case, you could opt for a beach wedding or a church wedding. For the beach wedding, one cannot do much with the decoration, so you could simply put a tent and place all the chairs. You could cover the chairs with a white material for it to look good. The tables can be kept very simple, you should skip the regular candle setting and instead have a vase of flowers. Also at a beach wedding, your guests will be looking forward to the post-wedding fun instead of looking at the decoration. However, keep in mind that you cannot invite a lot of people so your guest list needs to be short. Similarly, decoration can be kept low even in a church wedding, all you need is a couple of fresh flowers and decorate the seating space.

Lastly, pick out a right theme the one which goes with your outfit for it to look good in pictures.


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