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Here is How You Should Not Dry Your Hair

Whether you are taking a good shower or going swimming, you must not forget the duty that comes afterward. Drying your hair is important to maintain your health as well as your hair. If you do not dry your hair properly, you will not only catch a cold, but your tresses can get damaged as well. So, you need to make sure that you dry your hair after you get it wet. Most people think this is a simple task. Although it kind of is, some manage to mess it up by utilizing the wrong techniques. The following are some ways in which you should definitely not dry your hair.

Avoiding the Towel

You should never use a blow dryer when your hair is dripping wet. You should first dry your hair using a towel. This will make your hair at least a little bit dry before you use the blow dryer. Some people avoid their towels since they are not very attached to it. In this case, get yourself some round towels. These pretty creations will definitely motivate you to use them on a regular basis. You can even wear a towel hat and keep it that way for a few minutes since it will automatically dry your hair.

Forgetting Certain Sections

Although this is quite rare, some people do forget to dry certain parts of their head. This usually happens when people are distracted during this task. When you blow dry your hair, make sure to stay focused. If you are distracted, it can end up in a bad way. Once you are done, make sure that all parts of your hair are dry. Even if one part of your hair is wet, you can still catch a cold or get a headache. So, make sure to be careful.

Going Top to Bottom

The basic technique of blow drying is to go from bottom to top. When you do it from top to bottom, you are rewetting your hair over and over when you comb it. Therefore, it is best to go from bottom to top. This way, you will be able to dry your hair faster with more efficiency. Moreover, separating your hair into various parts will also enable you to conduct this procedure with much more efficiency. Use a clip and divide the hair into small segments before you dry it.

Using the Wrong Brush

Most people underestimate the importance of the brush they use. If you do not want your hair to get tangled and messy, you need to choose the right brush. The brush you choose depends on the type of hair you have. If you have curly hair, you need to look for a brush that will enable you to comb your hair without creating a mess. It is best to use a brush that has nylon and boar bristles since it makes the combing less painful when the hair is wet.

As a woman, you need to understand that your hair is your pride. So, make sure to treat it gently and carefully.


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