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How To Get Started With An Exercise Program

When you wake up in the morning, do you rush to the mirror and look at yourself naked, amazed that you’ve still got an awesome body after all these years? Do you wear tight fitting clothes to show off your body whenever you go out into public? Of course not. Most people don’t, or at least, not on purpose. The sad truth is that most of us are carrying around a lot of extra weight that we don’t need.

And we all know how to get rid of it, despite the multi kazillion dollar diet and weight loss industry. Increase the amount of exercise that you do, and decrease the amount of food that you eat. It’s really not complicated. But starting an exercise program can be the toughest thing you ever do. That’s why you’ll learn some tips on how to ease into it in this article.

One reason why people hate working out is that it’s so incredibly boring. Sitting on a stationary bike surrounded by sweaty strangers isn’t something most of us look forward to. Doing something fun, on the other hand, keeps our mind off working out and more on the fun. So get rid of boring exercises, and do things that are fun. Something like tennis, for example, can be a blast if you’ve got some good friends you are playing with.

Working out with a friend is a great way to keep your motivation high. It’s tough enough going to the gym as it is, trying to go by yourself is next to impossible. But when you are meeting a buddy, this can give you the motivation you need to stick with the program.

If you have a specific goal, it’s much easier to hit the gym every day. Choosing a specific target like a specific weight, or a particular size you want to get down to is much better than simply working out just for the sake of working out.

You’ve got to get rid of any notion of instant results. Realize that exercising is going to take time, and results sometimes come slowly. As long as you are expecting this, you won’t be dismayed to find you’ve only lost a couple of ounces after a week of sweating on the treadmill.

Of course, you are going to need a day to relax now and then. Choose at least one day a week to recover and take it easy. That way, you won’t feel like you are a prisoner in some kind of forced labor camp or something.

Working out is something that becomes part of your lifestyle. When you realize this, and that you aren’t doing it for some kind of short term fix, you’ll be much more likely to achiever your goals.


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