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Mental Conditions That Can Make You Gain Weight

There is a lot of importance given to the way that a person looks today and that adds up to a lot of stress too in a way, whether we would like to believe it or not. A good instructor will always urge their students to maintain the right mental status in order to gain the maximum rewards out of what they are doing. There are many mental pressures that can actually become a major contributing factor to gaining a few extra pounds too so here is a quick guide on some of the common instances that can induce gaining a few pounds perhaps unintentionally.
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Depression And Stress

One of the most common conditions called stress eating stems from a mental condition of constantly living under a lot of stress with seemingly no way out. Depression is another common condition where you may put on some extra pounds because you may lean towards eating in order to drive away the feelings of sadness and loneliness that come with depression. If you want an actual remedy to either of these conditions and one that will not harm your body, try a proper weight loss exercise regime you can benefit from. Working out has actually been related to great stress and depression management and you will feel much better as you incorporate working out into your daily schedule. Just one hour is all it takes for a world of good.

Trauma That Goes Unknown

Sometimes when something happens to you that sends you into trauma or shock, you may not be able to communicate this to anybody else even if you try. In the case of incidents like rape victims, they may not be able to seek help by sharing with others for shame of victim blaming or people thinking that they are making up stories. In such cases, victims of trauma usually tend to lean to food for comfort. Eating temporarily releases feel-good chemicals in your brain and after a while, you may find that you are eating just to feel good. This is also known as eating your feelings. Do not be afraid of seeking help if you have gone through trauma. Start working out to rebuild your confidence and take the right therapeutic measures to ensure a healthy life.

Feelings Of Being Lonely Or Actually Being Lonely

If you suffer from feeling like you are lonely you could be suffering from depression, but there are cases where an individual is actually lonely and left alone such as after a breakup, being a part of a broken family or the likes. in such cases, the stress that comes on can cause you to start putting on pounds unintentionally through excessive eating or even just because your body chemicals spiral out of control and lowering your metabolism. Also keep in mind that when you start skipping your meals your body will try to hold on to the fact that is there because it thinks that you are starving, lowering your metabolism even more.




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