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The 6 Simplest and Best Weight Loss Tips

Many people have a hard time losing weight due to all of the conflicting information floating around in the media and online these days. There is so much contradiction that it can make weight loss seem like an impossibly complicated pursuit. The fact is, weigh loss is not complex. It just takes reasonable goals, consistency and patience. A workable weight loss plan is one that is gradual, flexible and can be reasonably carried out in the long term.

Read on for six of the simplest and best weight loss tips ever!

1. Change your relationship with food! Realize that you need good food to stay healthy and strong. Eating is nothing to be ashamed of, and having a good appetite is a positive thing. Pamper yourself by purchasing the best whole, natural foods and learning how to prepare them well. Only eat delicious food. If a food is mediocre, don’t eat it.

2. Be flexible in your diet plan! Once you have committed to eating only whole, natural fruits, veggies, grains and protein sources, realize that there will be times when you will be confronted with other foods. If you are at a party or restaurant or your in-laws home, you don’t have to make a big fuss over sticking with your diet. Make the best choices you can of what is on offer, and if there is something you particularly love that is not really on your plan, have a moderate serving! You aren’t a prisoner!

3. Learn to make smart substitutions and measure your choices mindfully! When you do this, you will be able to enjoy dining in any venue and still adhere (at least loosely) to your diet plan. When you go home, don’t agonize over having gone off your plan a bit, and whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of, “I already blew it, I might as well pig out!” That’s nonsense. Just get back on track and move forward.

4. Make pure water your best friend! One of the best, most available and most economical health and beauty aids is pure water. Benefit yourself and the planet by purchasing an economical water purifying pitcher and substituting fresh, pure water for all of your other drinks. This change, consistently applied, will make a tremendous difference in your health and fitness level, and you may find the pounds just falling off!

5. Don’t starve yourself! Be sure to get plenty of protein to prevent hunger! Choose a good, pure form of healthful protein such as lean meats and fish, nuts, beans, tofu, eggs, and even cheese. Healthful, natural protein is good for you. As long as you make mindful choices about the amount you eat (not more than a quarter of your total food intake) it will not cause you to gain weight.

6. One of the very best weight loss tips ever is to eat healthful portions of healthful foods. By eating an abundant diet of that is half fresh fruits and veggies, a quarter whole grains and a quarter high quality protein choices, you will improve your health and fitness levels and attain and maintain your ideal weight for life.


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