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The effects of high stress levels

Each and every second, the stress levels in our bodies are building up and there is nothing we can do about it to stop it. However, there are ways in which we can lower the stress levels in your head. There can be a lot of bad effects on a person by stress. They will have to go through a lot of problems and they will not be able to focus on their day to day work. High stress levels will cause nothing but trouble and if the stress levels exceed, you will have to go through serious damages caused to your mental health.

There are many ways in which you can lower your stress levels. In short, you should stay away from the factors that are building up stress in you. To do this, you have to identify the stress builders in your life and do your maximum to keep them away. Sometimes, there is a stress builder in life that cannot be sent away. In situations like this, you can simply have a getaway or a vacation. You can go out and enjoy the nature and do whatever you are interested in. if you are interested in monitoring the wildlife, you can get yourself involved in a safari because watching the animals will lower your stress in no time by bringing peace to your mind.

Weakens your reproductive system

Reproduction is important to the humankind and all of the organisms because it is responsible for the continuation of generations. When a person is dealing with high levels of stress, it will affect the hormone balance in one’s body. Talking about male, high levels of stress will have a temporary increase of the hormone testosterone and it will give better sexual arousals but with time, the levels of testosterone in men will lower giving bad results such as lowering the sperm count and causing erectile dysfunctions.

In women, the estrogen level is altered. Changes may be caused to the menstruation cycle leading to irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, or no menstruation.

Affects the digestive system

When you are dealing with a lot of stress, your body tends to become exhausted. To deal with the exhaustion your body (liver) produced more blood sugar. The extra blood sugar which is not used for creating energy will lead to type 2 diabetes in one’s body and it is nothing healthy. The imbalance of hormones and the rapid breathing rates will affect your digestive system bringing about heartburns. Also, high levels of stress can cause ulcers in the human body.

Lowers the immunity

Stress is beneficial to your immune system in short term. With high levels of stress, your immune system will be given a boost. However, with time, you will get to know the bad effects. With time, the immunity in the body weakens and the body will not be able to fit with the pathogen. A person under high levels of stress for a long time will have to deal with influenzas, viruses, and other sicknesses.


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