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Common Interior Designing Mistakes To Avoid

Interior designing is one of those things that may seem highly doable even without hiring a professional and the truth is everyone can do it. Yes, you can do interior designing for your home by yourself however if you are going to do so you need to be careful. Mistakes can be expensive to fix and can influence more than just the aesthetics of your home. So here are some common designing mistakes you need to avoid.

Choosing Furniture That Is Either Too Small Or Too Big

A well-designed room needs to look spacious but not empty. When choosing furniture pay attention to the space in the room. Does the cabinet reduce walking space or make it difficult to maneuver around theroom? Does the armchair leave too much space around it? The wisest thing to doto avoid this designing mistake is to first plan the layout of the room. Drawout the room setup in graph paper and then allocate space for the item. Youcould maybe stick some tape on the floor to give you a rough idea of how muchspace will be used and then you could use those measurements when purchasingyour furniture. If you realize that the cabinet by the bed needs to be about 4feet by 2 feet to allow enough walking space then use those measurements whenpurchasing the cabinet.

Choosing Wall Paint Before Deciding On The Furniture

This is a common mistake made by many.  It is more difficult to find furniture that matches certain wall paint than vice versa, therefore, painting the room ahead of purchasing the necessary furniture can make things difficult for you. If you do feel you need to do the wall paint first then choose a neutral color that would work with most furniture. Grays and whites tend to go well with different fabrics and colours. However if you want your wall paint to be more than just aneutral then the wiser thing to do is wait until you have collected all thefurniture for the room and then decide on the wall paint.

Using Too Much Colour And Patterns

When it comes to design, less is more. Too much color can come across as loud and uninviting, especially colors that are bright. Use colors to elevate a space by combining them with neutrals. Also while contrast is good, too much of it can make a room look messy and disorganized. If you want curtains and drapes Melbourne, then try to make them as neutral as possible, or if you want to add color, make it a focal point. A peach paisley curtain would be beautiful and eye-catching in a room with mostly neutrals or soothing colors like creams and greys. On the other hand, the same curtain in a room filled with a lot of color and patterns may just blend in and add to the loud design.

Therefore be careful and avoid the mistakes above so you can have a beautiful house without a headache to accompany it.


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