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Fun and Quirky Ideas When You Finally Decide to Pop the Question

For some people, deciding to get married does not have to take long. Others, they think about it really hard to surely know and evaluate if they are really ready to bend on one knee and pop the question of a lifetime: “Will you marry me?”

Deciding to finally choose someone to spend your life with is not an easy decision to make. Unless you are truly sure, asking someone to marry you should not be done. Not to burst your bubble or be negative about it, but there is also the risk of your partner not confirming positively for various reasons. However, there is also a great possibility that your partner will say yes. In other words, it takes courage for you to be able to pop the question and accept whatever answer is given to you.

Well, if you are now decided to ask your partner’s hand for marriage, then what you need are great ideas on how to make this event a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.

Proposing Sky High

If you feel that you and your partner are the adventurous types, why not have the proposal on one of the highest buildings in Melbourne? The beautiful scenery combined with the general mood of excitement and romance makes the experience really memorable. This is one of those proposal ideas that are really out of the box.

Proposing On a Mountain Top

This idea has the same vibe with proposing on a tower in the city, it is just that it is a version closer to nature. This is a more intimate event because this is better experienced with just the two of you and the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Imagine getting a yes after you propose and shouting how ecstatic you are on top of the mountains. Isn’t it great?

proposing a Movie Theatre

This might seem odd at first, but it is actually quite quirky and fun to propose in the theatre. The twist of the story is that the theatre belongs to you which means that you would have to rent it for the day for your proposal. This idea can be quite pricey but love has no price in it and showing how much you love a person is worth all the sacrifices. This idea can be accomplished by inviting everyone―your family and friends―to join you in the theatre and play a movie that shows yours and your partner’s life as you spend it with each other. At the end of it all, the videos and friends and family arriving one by one is you who is waiting to bend on one knee and ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. Yes, it is quite elaborate, but it is definitely quirky and something that lasts forever in a person’s memory.

Proposing is only one of the many moments in your life that will require you to have the courage and take a leap of faith. Marriage is another, not to mention the moment when you finally decide or discover that you are going to be a parent. Life throws a lot of these moments and with the support and love of those who believe in you is a great source of strength that will give you the courage you need every single time.


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