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Reasons to protect the nature

If you are looking for reasons to protect the nature, you will be able to find thousands of reasons why you should protect the Mother Nature. It is important that you educate yourself the ones around you about the importance of nature so that you will be able to contribute towards saving the earth. Humans are responsible of the damage that we have caused to the earth and it is up to us to give our maximum in reversing the things that we have done. When people educate themselves about the importance of preserving the nature, they will come to an understanding that it is a purpose of human lives to protect the nature that gave us life.



If there was no nature, there will be no life but destroying the nature isn’t the way in which humans should pay back. If you are interested in saving the planet, you can do so by planting trees, using lesser plastics and replacing the plastics with the environmentally friendly material. When plastics are thrown away in nature, the animals will consume them and they will become sick and it may even cause the animals or die. If humans decide to act more responsibly, a lot of damages caused can be prevented.

To make memories

The memories that we make every day are the things which are can cherish for a lifetime. When your memories come together with nature, it is the best thing that you can obtain in a lifetime. In the modern world, you may not be easily able to find a decent place which is naturally beautiful. However, a safari will help you experience together with a bit of adventure. You will be able to witness something a lot more than the everyday happenings.

For medicinal values

Ancient humans are known to take the best of the medicinal values from plants. The forests are composed of a lot of rare plants which can even cure dangerous diseases. Preserving the trees and knowing their values will help the human kind tremendously.

To fight global warming

Every one of us knows what global warming is. For those who don’t know what global warming is: it is when the temperature of the planet earth increases so that the polar ice melts down to increase the sea levels? The main reason for global warming is said to be the increase in greenhouse gases. However, all of this is linked to deforestation. Vehicles, machines, and factories release harmful gases into the environment and these harmful gases will disrupt the upper ozone layer which keeps away the harmful UV rays. UV rays can cause skin cancer when it comes with contact with the skin. To reduce the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we should plant as much as trees possible.

Trees will provide us with oxygen and also will clean the polluted air. also, planting more trees will help minimize the effects of global warming but let’s keep in mind that if the rates of global warming go out of hand, all of us will be in trouble.


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