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The 5 W’s for Car Rims: Top 5 Common Questions Answered

There are basically two types of car owners in this world. The first is the one that bought a car for its sole intended purpose – for convenience. That’s it. Period. The second one is like the first but does not settle there. They are enthusiastic and, at times, almost obsessed with making their automobiles a brand of their own. Well, if you are the latter, then what you may be lacking to complete the overall look of your customized car are car rims. So, here are the top 5 common questions for every car owner that’s enthusiastic about customization.

WHO should buy them?

Everybody who’s anybody. Basically, it is apparent that the first requirement for getting car rims is that you should have a car. So, any car owner is encouraged to purchase car rims or upgrade their current ones.

WHAT are they?

Car rims, hubcaps, wheel trims or, wheel covers, as they are more commonly known, are decorative disks placed on the wheels of an automobile that covers the center portion of the wheel called the hub. In layman’s term, it is a cap placed on the hub of a car thus, the term “hubcap”. These accessories are used to cover the wheel and wheel fasteners to minimize the acquiring and accumulation of dirt and moisture on the said parts.

WHY should I?

Well, apart from their most basic function, which is the reduction of dirt accumulation on the wheels, they have three other significant reasons to get them. The first reason is a result of their basic function. Cars with car rims are easier to clean and maintain. Because the accessory prevents the acquiring and build-up of dirt, when it is time to clean your car, the task will go down smoothly without a sweat. Second, depending on the material of the car rim (alloy wheel trims are recommended), they can improve the acceleration of your car. And third, they are highly aesthetically appealing to the eye which all in all completes the overall look of your car.


The time to get these cool and practical accessories are anytime. But it is highly recommended that you get them and install them on your car as soon as possible so as to be able to fully take advantage of the benefits previously stated. But apart from that, you obviously also need to have the cash to get the car rims of your choice. These accessories can be quite expensive depending on the material, design and finish. So, better prepare your wallet for that. But with all the benefits you can get in return, it surely is a worthy investment.


You can buy car rims at any automotive shop selling car parts and accessories. Though some shops will have better stocks for show than others and with better customer service. So, before embarking on your quest for the installation of your hubcaps, better do some research on the automotive accessories shops available near your area. By doing so, apart from knowing what designs are available, you will also be able to know the quality of customer service they offer and the estimated price you are going to pay and if this is worth it on a pros and cons basis.

A car is an extension of who you are. And what a better representation of yourself than to express it through customization.


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