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How to Choose the Best All-Terrain Vehicle for You

An All-Terrain Vehicle, simply known as an ATV, is a vehicle, as the name suggests, designed to handle a greater variety of terrains than most vehicles. They are great for mountain riding. It is a vehicle built for those who love to invest on recreational outdoor activities. What makes ATVs a more popular choice compared to dirt bikes is that they are easier to use and balance. And before you get too excited with the thought of buying your very own ATV, there are quite a few things to take into consideration. If you recklessly buy an ATV that’s just not perfect for you, the experience could be dangerous. So, here are a lists of the five important things to consider when choosing the best all-terrain vehicle for you.

The Rider’s Age

Yes, before buying an all-terrain vehicle, it is a need to consider who will be riding the ATV and at what age he or she is. There are actually ATVs custom built for a particular age group. There are ATV for kids, for teens and for adults. To find out what truly would be best is to search for the specifications and recommendations mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC. For example, children within the age of 6 to 11 years old are recommended to ride a 70cc engine and below.

The Rider’s Level of Experience

Though ATVs are generally easier to use than dirt bikes, there are some ATV’s built for the professionals. So, apart from age, you need to also consider getting an ATV which matches the rider’s level of experience. For the more experienced, they may get an ATV with a bigger engine size. You can check out quad bike Melbourne for a more detailed show of ATV specs to match up with your experience.

How you Plan on Using the ATV

The next thing to consider is initially what your plans are for the ATV. How do you plan to use it? If it’s just simply for recreational activities or for some fun under the sun, you may consider getting a smaller model or one that’s an entry-level ATV. This ensures that you’ll surely have fun without the possibilities of injuring yourself. But, if you are looking for an ATV to use for work, then you’ll need a Utility Terrain Vehicle or simply UTV. This type of vehicle has a more powerful engine enough to carry the work of towing or plowing.

The ATV’s Engine Size

As mentioned before, you choose an ATV based on certain criteria so as to get the perfect engine size. But at times, it can be the other way around. You have the option to first choose the ATV’s engine size. But when doing so, you need to put into consideration the expenses that come with buying an engine of that size. At most, engines which are bigger and more powerful tend to be more expensive and they will have higher maintenance costs.

Brand New or Used

Lastly, you don’t have to think about buying an ATV that’s entirely new. There are ones that are used but still are at their topmost performance. Plus, used ATV’s are more cost-efficient, especially if the rider is a beginner or a kid.


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