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Powerful WiFi Router for Home

For many potential buyers, the choice of router for the home environment is reduced only to an affordable price and the number of gain antennas. Indeed, many users wish to have the WiFi signal was present in all the rooms and worked flawlessly. I wonder what people think about this, experts in the field of IT technologies. In this article, the reader will learn how to choose a powerful WiFi router or a WiFi repeater amplifier, for example, a Mini 3G WiFi router. Recommendations, reviews, and feedback from the owners will help the customer to decide on the acquisition.

Marketing war on the world and domestic market led to the fact that buyers are 99% of the acquired technology, which in fact does not meet the stated objectives. I discovered this fact after buying, so most people just resign themselves. For network equipment, experts offer insights into purchase the router from a different angle. Many people wrongly believe that the main criterion, which has a powerful WiFi router for home – range. Naturally, devices with antennas attract the attention of buyers. Here are just a few people pay attention to the packaging of the router, where black and white, the device operates on the international ISO IEEE 802.11 standard. It turns out that for all the range of the router is the same: 150 meters in open area and 50 meters indoors.

It is logical to assume that it is a router with a powerful WiFi transmitter is responsible for the quality of long-distance transmission signal. Naturally, in an expensive device is the “correct” the controller, and the remaining fake? This is something there. After the market, especially in the budget class, a little router boasts signal power, which is a few brick walls is able to provide a high-quality signal. Explanations are no longer required, cheap routers with great functionality and a weak coating do not comply with ISO standards and, therefore, violate the law of the country in which the implementation.

Accordingly, the most powerful WiFi router, which will be able to find on the market in the budget or the corporate segment, meets all requirements. That’s just the cost of such devices too high and too expensive for many potential buyers. The budget classes are not many devices that can really satisfy all customer requirements. In addition to the signal power, the interests of users and functionality, so professionals in the IT technology recommends sidestepping cheap Chinese solutions to difficult to pronounce the names (Lilian, Tenda, Netis) and trust his choice of proven years of routers: TP-Link, D-Link, Belkin. Any powerful WiFi router for the house provides a low-end full range of features, including great room coverage. Cheap devices are equipped with wireless modules, so the quality of the signal depends on the placement of the router in the room.


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